Angus Batey

I’m presently in the middle of the digital equivalent of moving house, and the site is temporarily closed down, while is faulty. We’re working on this.

If you’re coming here in search of something that used to be here, or via a link from someone else’s site, I can only apologise for the inconvenience. Please send me a message at my temporary email address:

and I’ll try to respond promptly.

Similarly, if you’re trying to get in touch with me for work-related reasons – whether that be to offer me work, or ask about something I’ve done previously, of anything else along vaguely similar lines – or are a real person trying to contact me for any other reason, please feel free to send a message.

If you’re a web designer, SEO expert, digital-marketing genius, app developer or cryptocurrency broker, and if you intend to send me a message saying Hi I’m great, and I can help your business achieve lots more sales but the only contact info you’re willing to give me is a free email address and you don’t include any links to a website that proves your bona fides, please be aware that if you send such a message I won’t reply because I’m not interested (except to try perhaps to understand exactly how this particular scam actually works, which I have to admit confuses me), but your name and email address will be added to a page I’ll be making public and prominent on this site in due course.